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Nursing Newborn

 Ailish Lewis of

Birthing Bravely LLC

Empowering families with the knowledge and confidence during their pregnancy

I am a Holistic Perinatal Coach and Consultant and I empower families to overcome their fears of birth by gaining knowledge and confidence during their pregnancy journey. I truly believe that

birth is a normal, natural event and shouldn't be feared like we've been taught to believe.


When it comes to why I started this business and became a Holistic Perinatal Coach and Consultant, there's a long history of my fascination with pregnancy and my love of babies but the real journey began when I was finally pregnant with my rainbow baby. The researcher in me got to work once I knew she was sticking around and I found out what a doula really was.

How I instantly felt a deep calling to help birthing families. 

Sometimes people know their calling from a very young age, others need to discover it when it’s the right time to flourish and nurture that calling. That’s how it evolved for me. I hired a doula myself, learned so much from her, and eventually became a part of a collective where I gained an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom in a relatively short time. I certified as HypnoBirthing® instructor, a Holistic Birth Doula with the Matrona and am trained in Spinning Babies®, Gena Kirby® Rebozo Workshop, Evidence-based birth, MotherWit Postpartum education and have taken a plethora of other trainings to better serve my students and clients. I'm currently in a holistic independent midwifery education program and in a 12-week Reiki Master program so I love adding to my birth wisdom keeping & healing so I can share it with you all. I decided to pivot my business to more of a hybrid model of care so some services and classes are in-person and others are virtual. 

From postpartum all the way into the pre-school ages, I'm able to help you to get the support and education you need so that teaching your children healthy sleep habits and independence is attainable. I am a certified sleep consultant and a Jai Institute of Parenting Coach and I specialize in setting up a strong foundation of positive parenting in the early years. I LOVE the continuation of care I'm able to give you with my training and expertise!

Reiki is a powerful relaxation tool that is perfect during these hectic times of pre-conception, early parenthood. Be sure to book in to help with womb healing, infertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, sleep, and even your baby's sleep or birth healing.

To learn more about me and the services that I offer, please feel free to reach out anytime. 

Thank you for looking into my website and please feel free to check out my social media to learn more about what I can add to your journey. I’d love to set up a consult to meet you and see if we are a good fit!

Talk soon!

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