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Sleepy Baby

   Ailish Lewis: 

Birth - Reiki - Sleep

Guiding You with Knowledge for a Confident

Pre and Post-Birth Experience.

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As a perinatal coach and consultant, my goal is to guide parents with the necessary tools to confidently and intuitively parent right from the start. With extensive experience and education, I strive to provide holistic support and education to help you navigate the challenges of pregnancy and parenting from infancy to preschool.

I truly believe that becoming a parent is a transformative experience and with the right guidance, you can feel prepared and supported to do what's right for your baby and your family. My personalized approach is designed to help you overcome fears and obstacles, cut through the noise, and gain confidence in your abilities to birth and parent on your own terms.

My journey began with my fascination with pregnancy and love for babies, but it truly took off when I became pregnant with my rainbow baby. I began researching and discovered the true value of a doula, and from there, my passion for helping parents was ignited. 

With years of lived experience and supporting numerous families, I have honed my expertise in assisting those struggling with fertility. If you are feeling anxious during pregnancy or having difficulty conceiving, I have the necessary support and tools to help you through it all. 


Reiki Healing


Birth Does Not Have to be Stressful 

Mother and Baby

Gentle Sleep Coaching on Your Terms

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