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I am an objective and supportive educator, who uses my knowledge and expertise about all things postpartum care along with extensive training in newborn, infant, toddler, and little kid sleep science and techiniques to help them learn this skill and feel secure in the process of learning. We work together to determine how best I can help you find what habits are working for you and what habits are not and help guide you to gradually shift those habits that are not working for your family.

Answering Your Questions

Sleeping Baby

Ailish Lewis Coaching 

What a Gentle Sleep Coach can do for you

    I am an objective and supportive educator, who uses my knowledge and expertise about all things pregnancy, birth and newborn care together to determine how best I can help you find your voice, find what your birth preferences are, help you attain a great birth support team and prep your partner so that they feel prepared and ready to support you and know what to expect to guide you and remind you. I am a personal educator, coach and if local, a referral source too. I can coach you both into starting your parenthood off with confidence and help you to feel prepared and supported. Think of me as your mentor and personal trainer for birth! I have thoughtfully put together a childbirth education course that has your time in mind. It's self-paced with accountability so you know you will do the work but on your time! We will work together for 6 weeks where we will have bi-weekly live Q & A calls to deepen your understanding of your amazing bodies and ability. You will learn your rights and feel confident in your partner. They will feel like the integral piece of the puzzle in your birth story and not simply an onlooker. Continued support is the name of my game and long after you complete the program you will be able to ask questions freely in our private group indefinitely. That means the same people you were in group with will be with you in postpartum. Your custom Trello board will keep you on task and help you keep everything all in one space. The [M}otherboard app I gift you will help answer questions for you and help you create an informed birth preference chart. This is truly an amazing program and I'm so excited to be on this journey with you.
    This model of care I have devised is truly a new way to serve families and how childbirth education should be, truly family-centered care! You can expect evidence based information to be able to make informed decisions about your pregnancy, birth, and your and your baby's care postpartum. Expect to have education on different comfort measures to keep birth partners prepared and informed as well. Expect to know advanced relaxation techniques to have a calm and more comfortable birth. Also, expect that I will help you to get to the bottom of your goals, fears, and everything in-between to help you to see the strength and determination you have within you through transformational coaching and a mindset workbook I created. This is self-paced or live childbirth education and so much more. I also have a 1:1 coaching options that gives you the one on one attention to really dive into your preferences, motivations, and give you the accountability to support your determination. Ask me for this add-on.
    "Why is this better than just taking a childbirth ed course? I think childbirth education is incredibly important and frankly a requirement to work with me. That's how important it is! Teaching develops thinking and provides the necessary information to make informed choices, but it doesn't go deep enough to relinquish fears surrounding birth. When you work with a birth coach, you learn life skills that help you to develop motivation and accountability for one's. You have someone that works with you and your partner, asking open-ended questions to get to the bottom of one's true feelings and beliefs so you can approach your birth and early parenthood with joy and confidence. I help to hold you accountable to the process, not responsible for the outcome because birth is so unpredictable.”
    When I was first presented with the idea of being someone's Birth Coach or doula virtually, I thought it was impossible... Boy was I wrong! I have helped woman virtually all along in pregnancy but when I recently helped a mom virtually during her birth, I realized that my physical presence was not needed. I was not the savior of the birth space. My birthing clients were so confident from what they learned from me. The education, exercises, connection and support I gave prenatally was far more profound and valuable for them. I gave them the tools to be confident and feel safe in their environment. Partners also get a lot from me as I will teach them all the tricks I use to help comfort you, move you in positions that facilitate babies movement down the birth path more easily and comfortably. No one needs to be nervous to have more people in the room. You can have the intimate birth with your partner that you desire and trust in your team because you've done the work and are able to advocate for yourselves. I take on 2 virtual clients per month so please inquire early
    It will enhances their experience, hand's down! This coaching is not just for you, it's for the both of you! I encourage connection between you two and I teach them the skills to help you emotionally, mentally, and physically. I also explain what to expect during early labor, to birth and postpartum so you are both prepared for the what if's and confident that you can make informed decisions together to get through them. It's about keeping all the good oxytocin in the birth space and there's no better way than letting you guys feel the love for each other. Working this way together really makes an incredible bond to start your parenting journey off right.
    Yes! Absolutely! I am a doula so I am a big fan! Doula's don't have to be in the space to support you!! Doula's are amazing where ever they are and will help you to have that support for both you and your partner during your birth. Not all doulas know or are certified to coach you to be at your best and help you find your motivation and answers from within. I am trained by Neri Life Choma to be a Transformational Birth Coach. It's a new and exciting way to help families. I'm like a life coach for birth!! If you'd like virtual doula services, just reach out! You will get it ALL! My coaching services, childbirth education and then I'll be with you virtually during early labor, active labor, birth and immediate postpartum! Let's all work together!

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