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Postpartum Prep Class

Don't get blindsided!

Postpartum Prep Class

We are told that "stuff "is what you need to get through your postpartum time and early parenthood is rarely ever given constructive advice. Many are completely blindsided about their postpartum time.

Sleep, when the baby sleeps, sounds nice, but rarely ever good advice on how to handle the sleep deprivation and overwhelm that can come with the early days of postpartum. 

Learn about your feeding options, tips on breast/chest and bottle feeding, pumping, sleep ideas, baby wearing, diapering options, PMADS (Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders) and how to work through them and get the help you need. Holistic and practical healing with herbs, homeopathy and other healing modalities to support the postpartum body and baby. 

3-hour Zoom class to learn how to better prepare for your postpartum time. Handouts, workbooks and 

Taught 1:1 or get a group of pregnant friends together!

  • Taught Wednesday-Friday evenings,

  • 5:30 pm-8:30 pm

Via Zoom

Classes are priced at $97

(valued at $197)

Want my Self-Paced course?

Coming soon!


($197 Value)

These introductory prices won't last long!

*Spots are Limited* 

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