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Postpartum Care 

 Postpartum Services and Support 

 Doula For a Day!



Most often the mother goes from being cared for and nourished in pregnancy to second-best once the baby has arrived.


​Get extra personal support throughout the entirety of your journey into motherhood. If you think you need a break, this add-on package might be right for you. I will support your new family in any way I can for 4- hour daytime shifts including, light chores, meal prep, newborn care, lactation help, and beyond to help you rest, shower, and bond with your new baby. So often mothers get forgotten so I will make sure you feel loved and cared for while you heal. I will stay in close contact in order to routinely check how you’re doing and offer anything needed. My goal is to continue that support from your birth into your postpartum transition in order for you to feel secure, supported, informed, and cared for.

I can prepare a meal, and do some light chores around the house, like laundry, dishes, wiping surfaces, and organizing the baby's nursery. My goal is to make sure you have time to shower and sleep so you can feel rested and confident in the care you give your child. You can't pour from an empty cup so let me refill that for you.

I can also share with you the best resources available for your needs and show you things like babywearing, baby care tricks, bathing, feeding, and more. I can answer breastfeeding and pumping questions and get you the best lactation help for you to have a smooth breastfeeding relationship with your new baby.

Many like me to be there when the partner has to go back to work or for just a needed break, a judgement-free person to talk to, and the rest you deserve.

No need for lengthy expensive contracts. Purchase support one day at a time.

$150 for a 4-hr shift 


*** Daytime shifts only at this time. 10 am -2 pm. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are available.

Maximum of 4 hours per shift unless otherwise mutually agreed. Must live within a certain radius of my home. ***

Virtual Postpartum Support


With my virtual postpartum services, I can help you to make your postpartum plan before baby, breastfeeding support and references, comfort measures to help in postpartum aftercare, tutorials on paced bottle feedings, cloth diapering guidance, baby-wearing support and any other questions you may have. 

You get a self-paced Postpartum Prep Class, the First 40 days of text support- One Zoom call to prep for postpartum, and daily text support for the first 40 days postpartum $297

* Please inquire about availability


Ask Me Anything

Have a question or need advice on pregnancy, your birth preferences, postpartum plan, etc... book an "Ask Me Anything" call! Get your questioned answer by a birth professional that attends births and can help you debrief about your experienceI'm a certified postpartum doula with special training from PSI (Postpartum Support International) and can help you find support. I'm also a certified sleep coach and I can help with newborn sleep shaping.  

Feel at ease and prepared to be your best! Call today!

$125 - 45 min call

Virtual Postpartum LACarte
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