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Why I love baby wearing

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Baby wearing to me makes life easier. Hey, 2 hands are better than 1 (or none)! But did you know, wearing your baby has other amazing benefits?

Here are just a few:

  • Increased bonding and creating a secure attachment with your child from day one leads to less crying and more feeling of safety since it mimics the sensation of the womb.

  • That skin to skin closeness helps regulate their heart rate, breathing and hearing your breath and heartbeat are super calming to them since it's what they experienced for 10 months in the womb. Not to mention that motion! They love it. It's incredibly reassuring as it's what they felt as you went about your day. The 4th trimester should be no different.

  • Increased brain development and social development because they are exposed to verbal and nonverbal stimulation more often.

  • Freedom for the family member to do chores, shop, walk around freely and do life all while baby is comfortably napping on you!

  • When a baby is securely attached to a caregiver they are much easier to coach them to learn to sleep independently because they trust their caregiver to keep them safe.

  • Easy access to breastfeed and longer duration of breastfeeding has been found.

  • No, you cannot spoil a newborn and no, baby wearing does not spoil your child.

So now which one to pick. I love wraps for newborns, ring slings were my jam and still are! I still pop my daughter in a sling when I need to hold her for extended periods of time (almost 3 as I write this). I love soft structured carriers for walks, hikes and other outings and my husband preferred those too.

What I suggest is check out and set up a virtual or in-person consultation so you can find "the one" and if that isn't possible look for a local small business that does fittings in your area. We give Target enough of our

Be well and baby wear!!

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