The Push Forward...

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

There is no other way to describe this pandemic in my opinion. It's been an eye opening experience and has shook who we all are and what we have been so accustom to. Our eyes are all open. Open to ignorance, open to racial disparities, open to maternal metal health issues, environment, housing, work/life balance, you name it... I could go on.

As a doula I relied on in-person everything and never thought I could be virtual, Never. I'll never forget my sister, who runs a successful online nutrition mastery program, suggested I move to online platform and I scoffed at her.

"There's no way" I said. "How can I attend births virtually"?

Well, when the world just shut down one day, I had to either sink or swim. I decided to swim, and hard. I did not do all of this work to have a successful business and just let it go! Let myself and my family down, let my clients down, let future parents down who could learn from me and get support during all of this chaos. Nope, I was not going to give up. I wouldn't let my client do it so how could I? So, I decided to absorb tons of information every day, take classes, hired a coach, connected with other birth workers and am building a community online in my Facebook group.

I had to help, I had to survive this so here I am.

I have helped parents during this scary time, move their care to home birth providers and prepped them for that experience. I have helped them move to hospitals that see a doulas and their partners worth. I have given them evidence based information and gave them the tools to fight against harmful separations after birth.

I feel good about what I've helped my clients with but what about everyone else?

What about the people that don't feel comfortable traveling so far to a supportive place, that maybe don't want a doula, can't afford one or maybe don't have any in their area? What about the people that don't have many choices? What about them? They need comprehensive childbirth education more than ever! They need to know and learn about their amazing bodies, their rights, how to advocate for themselves and have an empowered birth experience. That's when I decided I was going to have to reach more people and change how my doula work was going to be done.

Since Covid I have done all my HypnoBirthing, mini courses, my client check ins and prenatal visits all online and it's actually been such a positive experience! So much so it forced me to see things differently. I actually realized I should have be doing it this way all along. I could provide the same care, actually better, because I could pop on a call without worrying about childcare or a commute to quell worries, build connection and help with whatever. It was great that I could still make a difference and share my know how but I then found I was meeting with folks like every night on zoom and my work life balance was all off...the very family I made this business for was on the back burner. Hmmm...ok had to keep thinking.

How can I make this work for both my clients, my business and my family?

Another thing I kept hearing over and over from pregnant folx was about them struggling with isolation, mourning the losses of their baby showers and other milestones of their pregnancy such as seeing the baby on an ultrasound with their partner, showing off your bump at a family party. simply going shopping and of course not being able to connect with other families with different classes and events. I believe that some of the reason we take group classes is to make connections with people in the same boat as you.

It's so important to have mom friends. You need people to understand where you are at. The nap traps, the hard days, the win days, the stuff parenthood throws at you. You need connection. You need your people.

Long story short I decided to come up with a way to grow a community that we are all craving all while learning in a fun engaging way! I'm making a self paced course for families to go through and learn from when they can throughout the week on their own schedule. They get comprehensive evidence based education on physiological birth and a weekly group call to mentor them all in their journey. I encourage empowerment, education on birth undisturbed and common interventions to learn about, advocacy, self- hypnosis and mindfulness all from a doula's perspective. I'm so excited to be bringing this to families that want to do the work to have a joyful, mindful, educated, fearless birth.

A brave birth.

Stay tuned for updates!! I'm so excited to be bringing more awareness, comfort and empowerment to families!!

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