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Reiki in Birth: It's Pretty Magical

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

I can not get over what a game-changer adding Reiki to my practice has been! My mind is blown and so are my clients' minds, especially the skeptical ones!

First, I want to talk about why I had to take a break from in-person births because there were a few reasons other than the Vid itself.

The first reason, I hurt my back and shoulder really bad (a few times) and had to miss 3 of my client's births which were heartbreaking and financially scary too. I was so worried my back and shoulder would keep getting hurt. I needed to heal fully and didn't trust myself to not overdo it.

The second reason, I had someone else's voice in my head and it wasn't the most positive voice. I had a lot of imposter syndrome and cared entirely too much about what a few people thought of me. I needed to walk away from any toxicity if I was going to be the birth worker my clients needed me to be. I took time off to heal these wounds and hurtful feels and let myself understand and truly believe that I was good enough and that I was great for my clients. I needed to find my own voice and find my own way.

The third reason was, it took me away from my family for days due to unnecessary inductions. Birth after birth watching people getting coerced into unneeded medical procedures was exhausting but I would also be physically and mentally drained for DAYS after the long birth. Then I noticed I was drained even at homebirths, short get the idea. Yes, due to the hard work involved in supporting clients but also the hormones and everything else involved was so overwhelming to my nervous system. It became clear that I'm sensitive to energy and too empathic to do the work without a tool to recover. I needed to educate my clients better about the risks and benefits of all of the things and I needed tools to help combat the fact I was losing a week of my life one birth at a time. It wasn't sustainable and my family and my mind/body/soul deserved better. It was really putting a strain on my husband, my kids, and of course my ability to do business in this way.

The fourth reason was, I truly believe I am not the savior of the birth space. I believe that virtual work is just as beneficial to some (maybe not underserved communities that need a watchdog) but most people could really benefit from the prep work I had my clients do and then they had a safety net when they had questions that came up during their birth. Partners really benefited from this work and I'm sad, people are not seeking it out anymore. It wasn't just perfect for Covid, it was necessary for people who didn't want a doula in their space, couldn't, or wanted a family member in my place. They got to have it all! It was really beautiful and I hope more people realize how important prepping for parenthood is. All of the classes I run now stem from the prep I did with my virtual clients so I am very grateful to them for helping me stretch and realize I am not the star of the show. THEY ARE.

So you hear all that and I bet you are wondering, well Ailish, why are you back in person doula work, and why are you pursuing home birth assisting?

Well first off, boundaries, I am transparent about my back and shoulder injuries and I explain, my job is to witness and assist, not to be the only person squeezing hips and holding the birthing person. The partner is an integral part of the process and I need them to work with me as a team (unless it's a single mom or military mom, then, of course, I'm all in)

Second, I found reiki.

I could stop there because it really has been so profound, that I don't even know how to explain but I will do my best.

Reiki 1 is all about self-healing so I learned that I could take care of myself before, during, and after birth. All of a sudden, I'm not as wiped out. I had more stamina and I could release myself from an outcome much faster than ever before. My husband instantly saw a change in me and noted it right away. I wasn't as burned out and wiped out. My clients were more relaxed during their birth too and it felt so good knowing I could help them in this way.

Reiki 2 is all about learning more to help connect you through distance healing. Being a virtual doula, this was necessary! Now I could help my clients get some rest right before bed and never leave my home! I could help with various pregnancy ailments and I felt like I could really help people anytime. At birth... mind-blowing differences in their experience. Felt so good, so I got a boost in confidence, especially when people really started to feel changes and had reduced pain, better sleep and had better birth satisfaction etc...

I knew I had to go deeper and strengthen this skill. I waited for my Reiki Master Teacher Sierra North from Muktinath Holistic Center in Monroe CT to open up her next 12-week Reiki Master and I jumped right in.

I said mind-blowing and so let's talk about what's happened since I returned to in-person work.

Birth after birth, I have been more grounded, more relaxed, and have a deeper intuition. What does that do for my clients? They are more grounded, more relaxed, and trust that deeper knowing that is intuition. I model what they need and Reiki allows us both to go within and snag up all that goodness that calm brings. When I begin reiki and find the best place to put it to get the most power in my client, I see people go from frantic to asleep or at least restful and calmer. Reiki has turned babies, melted cervix's within minutes, relaxed pelvic floors', calmed anxieties, allowed for sleep, and helped people get grounded which is what creates feelings of safety within the body. Getting people into the rest and digest state with Hypnobirthing is one thing but this is a whole other level. Reiki is a literal game changer and has allowed me to come back into the work that I love. I also don't care about those mean voices anymore because I am within my power, helping someone else get within theirs. There is no better feeling.

My recovery is fast. My stamina is better. Pain in my body is melted away faster. I attribute this all to Reiki. Guess what, my clients, too! The feedback I get is that they feel like they are healing well and feeling good very soon after. Good stuff!

In postpartum, I will wear my clients babies so that they have no excuse but to come into my space and let go of everything. Get the rest and relaxation they need to heal and be the best parent they can be and guess what? Their babies benefit from the treatments too!

When I have sleep clients that have high-needs babies, distance reiki sessions have really helped their littles. We don't know what they are processing from their time in the womb, their time during their birth and how their nervous systems feel in their body right now. Reiki allows them to heal from it all.

I can't say enough how Reiki healing truly benefits the perinatal family. Heal traumas, let go of the loss of control and expectations. Heal from postpartum depression and anxiety (working alongside a perinatal therapist of course) So much good comes from healing the postpartum mind and body. Gives you a solid chance at being the best parent you can be.

Let's talk about partners too! They also hold on to a lot and often hold traumas, emotions, and all sorts of feelings from their child's birth, so I will never leave them out of the loop. All are welcome in my healing space but of course, this is where I specialize so come see me if you are in the perinatal time Get the rest and relaxation you need so you can feel your best.

Also, be on the lookout for Reiki trainings coming up in 2023! January 28 &29 will be Reiki for Birth Professionals hosted with Hilary Rudeuaer, postpartum doula and Reiki Master and owner of Mindful Momma LLC! Stay tuned for more details all you birth & postpartum doulas, midwives, Ob's, and anyone else that works with perinatal families! This class is for you!

Wanna learn more? Just reach out! I have daytime and evening availability and I have openings in doula work starting in April! Booked until then! (actually one opening in Feb 2023)

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