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Reiki for the Perinatal Period

When I became a virtual doula and even more so as a birth coach, the one thing I struggled with was letting go of the need to control and do all of the things. I had to trust that what I taught and coached them on had sunk in and they were able to remember what to do, what to ask, and what to use. I had to trust that they would have the experience they desired even if the journey changed because they felt informed and confident in their choices. If they are my virtual birth clients, I have to trust that they will communicate when they need me so that I don't bother them with questions in case they are resting or just feeling ok.

I had to let go...

I wasn't their savior as I've said before so I needed to simply trust. Trust that I did my best, that they did the work, that their providers wouldn't be dicks, and that their nurses were on their side. It was hard but birth after birth there was affirmation after affirmation that my care was making a difference. They felt strong, they felt guided, they felt in control, they felt informed, they felt respected and they felt a stronger connection with each other seeing each other in action in that way that only birth can bring out. Strength and endurance from the birthing person and undivided support and advocacy from the partners. A team.

I kept hearing about respectful providers and nurses and loved hearing that partners had asked for disrespectful staff to be removed even! Proud doula moment right there!

My classes really center on being sure you are treated like an individual not just whipped up into the hospital protocol so I love hearing people asking for the pause button and using B.R.A.I.N.S. What are the Benefits, the Risks, what are the Alternatives? What are your Instincts or Intuition saying or if that's hard to tap into, what is your Intent for this birth? What if you did Nothing? And again always ask for Space to think, talk and discuss things with your team. I always tell this story so when you are in class with me, you will hear it again. This one birth I attended, the provider came in with saddles blazing saying we needed to get things going asap so she needed to be put on Pitocin now (the artificial form of Oxytocin which causes uterine surges) or else the baby could go into distress. Mind the word "could" there. Ya, the baby "could". Any baby "could" go into distress for many different reasons but she didn't say the baby "would". The parents used B.R.A.I.N.S and asked for more time to discuss and oh did they get it! 8 hours later the provider came back. 8 hours later...for a supposedly emergent event that was happening. SMDH. Had those parents not taken HypnoBirthing, they may not have known about the advocacy needed that is taught in that class. Especially my classes!

Anyways, I felt good that they felt good and I was happy that they could do so well without me guarding and holding the space. I still needed more though. I felt a disconnect that I couldn't get past.

After I had surgery this past May, my friend Erinne reached out to me to offer me distance Reiki to help with my healing. I was in so much pain so I gladly said yes, please! I have had in-person treatments but never distance so I was grateful but also like wait... distance? Really? How does that work? Well, you can connect with someone's energy once you are attuned and learn the sacred symbols because energy is not limited by distance, space or time. Distance Reiki is based on the ancient principle called the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which says that we are all energy-matter, we are part of a larger whole and therefore all connected. Summoning this law during a distance Reiki session allowed her to link up to my energy field. So cool! I actually could feel where she was working on. I felt a deep release and attained super deep relaxation. I drifted off to sleep a short while later. It was very healing.

That's when it all clicked for me! I knew I always wanted to learn Reiki but now I knew why I needed to! Now I could help people in the Perinatal period (pregnancy to postpartum period) release negative emotions and fears, reduce pain & discomfort, help with babies positioning, reduce hypertension, melt those cervixes, and even manage the energy of the room from a distance for my virtual clients! I will also be working with people in person during their pregnancy and postpartum to:

  • 78% improvement in pain

  • 80% improvement in nausea

  • 86% improvement in sleep

  • 94% improvement in anxiety

  • reduction of C-section rate from 20% to 5%

*Results from a clinical trial at Hartford Hospital, CT from Dr Jeri Mills, OBGYN practice

All sessions will be held at my new space at Hilliard Mills in Manchester, I'm endearingly calling "The Brave Space" after my LLC and course series names (Birthing Bravely and Brave Little Dreamer)

I am so excited to continue on to become a Reiki Master at the beginning of 2022. I am also taking a special training on Reiki and Crystals for the Birth space and becoming a Certified Breath Coach come January so I'm just so excited to share this with you all! Stay tuned for upcoming workshops and Reiki shares for the local community!

Even though I am specializing in the perinatal period, I am open to all people and all needs so reach out if you need deep relaxation and realignment. So excited to bring Reiki to the forefront of care in my business!

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