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Get Your Partner Prepped!

Advanced Comfort Measures Class for Partners

Partner Prep Class

One of the hardest things I see the most often is partners feeling completely out of the loop. They want to help, but they just don't know how to help. Also, it's hard to see your partner struggle or feel overwhelmed during childbirth so it's good to know what to expect so you know what is normal! Learn how to set the stage and create an environment for birth, learn how to advocate, know how to support with comfort measures, relaxation techniques, and affirmation.

Feel prepared and confident!  

Take a class with a birth doula and coach and have your partner leave feeling confident and prepared to assist you in whatever you need in your labor and birth. Help them get ready to support you in postpartum too!

4-hour in-person class to learn how to better support your partner in the labor and birth of your child. We will go over comfort measures, counter pressure, light touch massage, breathing, how to work with different birth tools and so much more.

Includes handouts and a little gift bag of my favorite birth tools.

Next Classes Forming on:

  • October 28th, 10-2 pm (only 4 spots)

  • December 16th, 10-2 pm (only 4 spots)

Come see me at 642 Hilliard St Suite 2111, Manchester!

Classes are priced at $197

Held on Saturdays 10-2pm

Are you in HypnoBirthing or Birthing Bravely?

Then this class is only $97 

Be sure to ask for this bundle price!

Want my Self-Paced childbirth ed course? I can add that on for a discounted rate of


($227 Value)

so you really know your stuff! 


*Spots are Limited* 

I sometimes hold a small stock of Antama Rebozos! Please inquire

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