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Mother's Circles

at the Brave Space

Why do this alone?

Since going to woman's circles, my life has been blessed with true friends. Friends to laugh with, be vulnerable with, and call upon when you feel your lowest. They lift you up!






 I wanted to make a space to build your village in pregnancy so you have your circle in postpartum and beyond.

It looks like support, new friends, celebration, listening, sharing, learning, building intuition. All in a community.

What to expect:


*Guided meditation to help relax the group*

*Share circle to be heard ( no fixing, no advice, just to be heard, seen, and witnessed in your place in time)*

*Group Reiki/Sound Bath Session to reground, aid healing and balance.*

*Refreshment and Q&A time either with myself or a local birth professional. There will be people who help with lactation, pelvic floor, herbalists, sleep, birth, postpartum, baby-wearing, photography, ( you name it!) coming to visit to share wisdom and answer questions.

All for only $27 a month

Held on the 1st Friday of every month from 6:00-8:00 pm come together either in person or on Zoom, in a ceremony, and be celebrated for giving new life to a community of people who want to have like-minded mom friends and a community of support.

First come/ first serve!

The registration link is now open! Only 12 in-person spots!! All carry-overs will join on Zoom if they wish or put it towards the next circle.

Click the link below

The Community Prenatal Pregnancy Circle

At The Brave Space

Brave Space

Postpartum Healing Circle

1st and 3rd Wednesday 10 am-11:30 am

This is a beautiful space to connect with other moms in the first year of infancy.

This space is so you know you are not alone.

This space is so you feel heard.

This space is for you to learn something new,  

to meet people in the same shoes as you and to feel connected to a village. 

Wendy Mohr is a retired RN who worked in women's healthcare for 35 years helping in various roles and is now my amazing and loving co-host. You will feel so at ease after sitting with her. 

We gather at 10 am but there's no such thing as late. Come as you are, feed your babies as you need At 11:15 we stop (if the babies let us) and I bring you through a guided meditation to close the circle at 11:30am .

Many grab some lunch together after as we are centrally located to many options so it can turn into a really beautiful day!

This group is donation-based with a suggested donation of $10 but if you cannot afford that please either bring a snack to share or just come anyway!

All donations keep the space going so we can keep this valuable resource alive. 

All updates are posted on Facebook page and group so please follow and join to get updates. 


An invitation for mothers within all seasons of motherhood to join, connect, find support, and celebrate this journey.

This is our sacred space where you are invited to share whatever your heart needs you to share.

We begin with refreshing food and drink, followed by an intimate Circle where you’ll find your space to speak and hold space for others. No judgment, no fixing, just witnessing.

FOOD: This will be potluck style! You are invited to bring a dish (not required!). Please let us know if you have any allergies!


We are now requiring tickets upon RSVPing for Circle. Tickets are donation-based; the money from circle gets used for current and future circles to fund the amazing professionals we bring in, and all the pieces surrounding bringing it together.

Tickets are tiered, you select the option that fits for you within this moment (and it may be different each month, each time you join us!) If funds are tight for you right now, we still invite you to join us!

A giant thank you to our sponsors for this Circle


Circle is now at 642 Hilliard St Building 2 Suite 2111, Manchester, CT, 06042. Park near the brewery and go up the steps to the left.

Image by Kaylee Garrett

You are not alone!
~Join a circle today~

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