Holistic Gentle Sleep Coaching

On your terms and your parenting style 

Holistic Gentle Sleep Coaching Options

 Have you tried everything? Asked all the mom groups? Asked all of your friends and family?

Sourced every article, book, and podcast known to man and still can't get your child to sleep independently or consistently?

Are you fed up with people trying to steer you in parenting their way and not your own?

Then working with me might be just what you need! 


I will help you with accountability, consistency, new ideas, and behavioral fading techniques while we work together virtually for 2 weeks one on one. As a certified Sleep Coach, I understand the weight and frustration of needing help but not knowing where to turn to first. That’s why my mission is simple: give my clients the wellness education, tools, and resources that they need to identify the cause of their problems, understand the processes to fix them, and put a plan together that’s personalized and effective.

I support people who are exclusively breast/chestfeeding their babies, bottle-feeding babies, and formula-feeding babies, so this is not about night weaning, this is about helping them to learn how to get back to sleep independently and have more restful sleep in-between their needs being met.

Why is a gradual modification of sleep habits better for a baby? It helps them to still feel connected to their favorite people in the whole world! So important for growth and brain development. My techniques may take a little more time but at the end of our contract, you will feel like you truly understand your child's cues and little language. This is where the magic lies and that takes time. Within 2 to 3 weeks' time, you will have a greater understanding of their needs and get them sleeping, playing, eating, and behaving more like themselves, fully rested and ready to learn!

**Generally prefer to start formal coaching at 5-6 months old. I work with children up to 5 years old.

**0-4 months I have Holistic Newborn Sleep Shaping so please inquire about having a 45 min consultation call with me below!

I would love to hear from you. Schedule your free consult  to learn more on how I can help you.

1:1 Holistic Gentle Sleep Coaching Support Contract 

This is for the family that could really use some ongoing support and needs a family-centered & clear plan with daily check-ins to make adjustments as we go as every child is different and every family is different.


Maybe you're a first-time parent or this is your 6th and you need new ideas. Maybe you thought sleep coaching only meant it was "cry it out" and now you've learned that there are gentler techniques that work and you want the support to get you through it.

-We will work together for 2 weeks after you fill out a questionnaire that helps me get to know you, your child, and your family dynamic better.

-I share my sleep coaching program plans and I tell you which one I think will work best based on your answers but ultimately it's up to you which one will work best for your parenting goals.

-We then meet on a 45 min zoom call to discuss the plan after you've reviewed it & chosen what plan to start with. I will answer your questions, and get you started on how to begin teaching your child a new skill. We will check in daily and I can answer your texts throughout the day. Then we meet for an off-boarding call to have a plan moving forward and answer any questions you may have. 

-With this plan, you get a custom Trello board with education, resources, articles, videos, and your plan. Has space for daily logging so I can see what your day looks like and support you through the harder days. 

5-11 months old $497 

2-5 yrs old $597

With babies at 5mo-23 months, we work together for 2 weeks.

With toddlers ages 2-5 years, we work together for 3 weeks

Kissng the Newborn

Mini-Fading Plan with Consultation Call $247

Sometimes I just know you don't need me.... but I do know you could use a few solid changes to either get you on track or back on track with good sleep hygiene, tightening up your routine (or getting one started), and education on their developmental sleep needs and age appropriate teaching techniques to set them up for success.

This is great for: 

  • Newborn Sleep Shaping

  • Utt Ohh They're Mobile!

  • Toddler Troubles

  • Sleep "Progressions"

  • Big Bed Struggles


or anything that doesn't require daily support from me. It is slight behavior modification with my gentle fading method that can help switch sleep associations and tamp down on unwanted behaviors so you can have a more sustainable sleep relationship with your child. 

Includes a custom mini-fading plan on Trello and a Consultation Call to go over and discuss it so you're clear on how to make all of my suggestions work for your family. 

Click the link below to schedule your consultation call today to see what package is best for your family.

Want a Gentle Sleep Coaching Plan
but want to implement on your own?
Gentle Sleep Coaching
-Plan Only-

This PDF workbook includes a full custom sleep coaching plan, a sleep guidance chart, and if age-appropriate, a sleep routine sticker chart.  

This does not include full sleep education, resources, or consultation. 

Wanna talk through the plan it's just an additional $100 for a 45 min call

About Holistic Gentle Sleep Coaching

I like to see the whole picture which is what makes it holistic. I look at sleep hygiene, routine, sleep schedule, play-time, bad habits, ways to boost connection and help you show them that this new way of sleeping is safe and you are still right there.

I will say though, that even the gentlest of parent present methods can induce tears. It's how they communicate about big feelings. Most of my proven plans are parent present and I have fading techniques that help to reduce tears but whenever we are shifting a behavior or teaching a new way, they will try to fight to get their way and tears will be shed with some changes. Just like anything you teach your children, you will be right there. Some babies need a little bit of space and others need parents very present so we will figure out what will work for your child's disposition and developmental stage.


I share proven gentler methods that only work with consistency. It's the secret sauce. If you are not willing to commit to logging in daily, making some changes to your day-to-day, and committing to consistency then this 2 to 3-week consultation will not benefit you. 

 Please be ready to commit. So excited to help your family!

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Be on the lookout for my new video support series!!

Newborn sleep shaping

Attachment parenting and sleep training

Toddler Incentive ideas and many more!!!

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What our Sleep Coaching clients say



Working with Ailish was such a huge game-changer for us! She provided plan options and helped us pick the right one for our needs.

Then she was in our corner the whole time. After sleep coaching with Ailish, my little one sleeps so well that people ask me how I did it.

We’ve learned so much working with her, and our whole family is so grateful for the experience