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Birthing Bravely 

"Everything but the Birth"

 Birth Preperation Coaching  

Birth Does Not Need To Be Stressful!

Through my Holistic Perinatal Coaching and Consulting services, I offer birthing people and their partners encouragement and support around making conscious, holistic choices and informed decisions about their pregnancy and birth.

I can help you to tease out some of the harder-to-navigate options in birth such as your birth preferences, digging into your motivation behind wanting those things, and how to interview the right team of professionals to help you get there. I can also assist you with what should you have prepared ahead of time

so you feel confident in your new role. 

Looking for a provider that truly supports your autonomy and choice of birth can be daunting so I share with you interview questions and help you to find a provider that is truly aligned with your goals, not just convenient or whom you have seen for annuals.  I provide many options of childbirth education including a self-paced or live birth course that with each module teaches you about your rights, what to expect, how to become a researcher and advocate for the birth you and your partner want. We go in-depth about what your amazing body can accomplish and different methods to get you there calmly and safely. 


Birth does not need to be stressful and should be a fun and exciting time for your family. 

I assist families in cultivating and strengthening the tools they need to welcome their babies safely, lovingly, gently and in an informed way. I am a trusted ear and faithful companion on your journey, able to listen to your concerns about pregnancy and parenthood, bounce ideas off of, answer questions, offer suggestions, and support your pregnancy and birth in a way that  is unique and curtailed for you based off of your needs.

Contact me today to set up a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to learn more about my philosophy surrounding pregnancy and birth.


Comes with Birthing Bravely: Birth Prep Course or HypnoBirthing!

Learn more here!

I support Freebirth so if you are planning on taking radical charge of your birth, hire me to share my knowledge and get you and your partner prepped! 

"Everything but the Birth"


Birthing Bravely: Birth Prep Coaching

Need one on one care throughout your journey? I can provide you and your partner bi-weekly check in's where I can help you plan, organize and feel positive about your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum through comprehensive childbirth education, birth preference planning, learning advocacy for your birth wishes, and how to hire the right team, mindfulness practices, comfort measures and breathing techniques to help bring your baby earthside in the calmest and gentlest way all while preserving the intimacy of birth. This is great for someone who doesn't want or can't have a doula present but wants the knowledge a doula provides.

All coaching options include:

-Self Paced Child Birth Ed ($177 value!)

- Birth Preference Building Call.

-Childbirth Education Live Q & A call.

-Partner Prep Class. 

-Mindset Coaching Call.

-Custom Trello Board to keep organized.

-Access to my resource library.

 You will have access to a certified doula, birth coach, hypnobirthing instructor, and student Holistic Birthkeeper with the Matrona to help guide you in your preparation.

-Private group for support & community

-Workbook and handouts

-Unlimited Voxer/ Text access

Coaching options 

- One 45 minute call $125

-6 weeks

Comes with classes and 3  prenatal calls 

(Goes along with Birthing Bravely course)


($799 Value)

Virtual Doula

On-call text & phone support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and 40 days postpartum. Includes all classes ( HypnoBirthing, Birthing Bravely, Partner Prep, Postpartum Prep, Navigating Newborn Sleep) Birth Preference Building call, Q&A, and Mindset work prenatal visits. One birth story listening postpartum visit and text support up to 40 days postpartum. Distance Reiki during birth included.  Prenatal and postpartum Reiki visits at a discounted cost for clients. 


($2200 Value)






(that's a $200 discount!)

Have a transformational birth coach and doula throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. Meet for a 5-week HypnoBirthing course as well meet for 3 prenatal coaching calls to answer questions that arise, work through limiting fears and anxieties, and whatever else you would like to know. I'll be with your family for 8 meetings!!

Meeting one- Birth Prep: Learning about your birth preferences

Meeting two- Partner Prep: Comfort measures and prenatal exercises

Meeting three: Postpartum Prep: Finding your village.

Virtual Doula

On-call text & phone support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and 40 days postpartum. Includes all classes ( HypnoBirthing, Birthing Bravely, Partner Prep, Postpartum Prep, Navigating Newborn Sleep) Birth Preference Building call, Q&A, and Mindset work prenatal visits. One birth story listening postpartum visit and text support up to 40 days postpartum. Distance Reiki during birth included.  Prenatal and postpartum Reiki visits at a discounted cost for clients. 


($2200 Value)

Ask Me Anything

Have a question or need advice on pregnancy, your birth preferences, postpartum plan, etc... book an "Ask Me Anything" call! Get your questioned answer by a birth professional that attends births, teaches about birth, and isn't Dr. Google.

Feel at ease and prepared to be your best! Call today!

$125-45 min

Routine Pregnancy Checkup

Birth Preference Building

Want some guidance making your birth preference list?

(aka Birth Plan)

Want a detailed explanation of what to expect in your labor, birth, and immediate postpartum? Schedule this 90 min call that allows you to understand and make a clear template of how you would like to be treated and respected. 

How it works:

-Fill out the Birth wish form

-Book a 90 min call to go over any questions you have


How I Can help

Prenancy in White

Learn more on how I can help you in throughout your pregnancy

Image by Christian Bowen

Learn more on how I can help you in through your birth. 

Image by Aditya Romansa

Learn more on how I can help with postpartum

Image by Kaylee Garrett



I help you to overcome the emotional challenges of pregnancy by helping you navigate through some of the more challenging things on your to-do list.

Such as choosing a provider that really supports your desires for your birth and making sure the facility you are choosing is not such giving you the ol' bait and switch. I share my best interview questions for hiring your Midwife, OB, and doula so you find the right team for you.

I offer a Holistic evidence-based instinctual childbirth education course so you understand what's going on with your body and how birth occurs when undisturbed. I also have a list of books and podcasts I recommend so you can be your own best researcher. I help you navigate the emotional obstacles of having your desired birth so that you feel confident, and strong in your preferences and are able to advocate for yourself. I also prepare your partner to feel confident and fully prepared to assist you in all that is needed for you to have the birth journey that you want by teaching them strategies, and comfort measures to help you feel supported and able to move through your labor and birth with ease.

Need help with what to get for the baby and what to pack in your go-bag? Well, I can help with that too!!!

Image by Picsea


Anchor 1

We forget that we are mammals!!!

The birth space needs to (Quietly) scream safe and comforting. I will help you both create the best birth environment to labor in to help keep the oxytocin high in the room for optimal birthing no matter where you are.

I will guide both of you on how to prepare for a natural, informed, undisturbed and positive birth in the hospital, home or birth center and help you learn how to handle decision making while in labor. Your birth partner will learn how to effectively advocate for your care and we will go over how to maintain a positive, fully informed birth even when special circumstances can bring in the intervention(s) that may be necessary due to your individual circumstances

We also discuss the most important thing about your birth; how you want to FEEL.

I help guide you to make a comprehensive birth preference list that tells your care providers quickly and clearly what you desire in your birth environment using my custom birth preference template. I educate you on common interventions and we discuss the pros and cons of each so you can make informed decisions. I go over how physiological birth occurs when undisturbed and compare it to what modern birth has turned into and how to advocate for the birth you desire.

Mindfulness is the key to a calmer and more joyful birth so I encourage you to make it part of daily practice.  I show you how guided meditations and weekly affirmations can help your mindset so you learn how to be fully relaxed in your birth as well as teach you special breathing techniques for a smoother and more instinctual birth. 

Partners are integral whether it's a life companion, family member, or doula so I will teach your birth partner all the comfort measures that they will need to feel like a rockstar, supportive confident birth partner.

When they feel confident, so will you!!

Mother and Baby



In the times of no villages. I am your village. A one-stop resource list for everything you could need in postpartum. 

If you are local to Connecticut and within 30 mins of my home in central CT I can help you adjust to your new role whether it's your first time or 6th. I will come by your home for 4 hours during the day and help you get the rest you need, do some light cooking and meal prep, light clean up like dishes or laundry, and nursery organization. I make sure you can take a shower and feel taken care of and heard. I am a listening ear if you want to talk through your birth story and your experience so far. I can help with newborn care, newborn sleep shaping ideas, help with older siblings adjusting to their new role, and will help you to feel supported and rested.  I can help with babywearing, cloth diapering, and helping you with breastfeeding and pumping. 

Not local but still want a trusted person to call on anytime with questions or concerns, just want to vent or learn something new? I do that too! Look into my virtual postpartum services to have a listening ear during this massive transition. 


It's Here!!!

With my add-on Postpartum Prep (self-paced course coming soon), you will create a postpartum plan that will help you feel prepared and set up for success in your postpartum time. You will see some of my favorite tips and tricks of infant care along with helpful items to have prepared ahead of time. We will talk in-depth about common issues that can occur and give you suggestions on postpartum support you might need to receive like lactation help, pelvic floor therapy, and talk therapy for postpartum depression or anxiety. We will make a plan of self-care so you don't feel alone, feel cared for, and are ready for parenthood up's and downs.

Next up! 

Brave Little Dreamer Sleep Education Series!

  • -Navigating Newborn Sleep 

  • - Navigating Sleep PROgressions

  • -Gentle Sleep Behaviorial Modification

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