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Want to Feel Confident and Prepared?


Or maybe you want to feel more excited and relaxed about your birth journey? 

Birthing Bravely is for people who want a positive, prepared, confident birth and want more control over their experience.

This isn't your typical birth class and there so much I offer in information, perspective and support.

It is self-paced, stocked full of tips and tricks from a doulas perspective and centers on the idea that less is more when it comes to birth.

Wanna learn more about it or get a sneak peek?

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My name is Ailish and I am a Pregnancy and Birth Coach, Sleep Coach, Virtual Doula and Childbirth Educator.

I empower families to overcome their fears surrounding birth by gaining knowledge and confidence.

I give families the tools they need to have a beautiful and meaningful birth experience and a supported postpartum.

How would it feel...

* To know about what to expect?

* To feel in control?

* To feel confident in your bodies ability?

* To know how to hire the right support team?

* To learn how to talk to your providers and ask the right questions?

* How to make a solid birth and postpartum preference list that helps you to be heard and respected?

* To know to reduce birth trauma and be informed of your rights so your providers work with you and not against you?

Learn how to...

Harness the Power Within

  • Learn ways to trust your instincts so that you can eliminate fears, feel calm and have a smoother birth.

  • Learn how to feel empowered to face this transformative event with joy so you can have a positive experience!

  • Feel prepared and confident in your journey into parenthood so you can start your parenthood journey strong!

  • Learn all about the powers of your mind and how self-hypnosis and mindfulness can be a game changer for birth and beyond.

feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what information to trust, which type of providers to hire to manage my health and wellbeing during my pregnancy and the plethora of other needs that come up along the way.

As a doula I hear all the time about the struggles and disempowerment womxn have to go through in their pregnancy journey and how many felt so out of control. Many were made to feel weak when they should be made to feel strong and empowered.

I felt like that needed to change.

There needed to be a way to get all the information out there to the masses. A way for people that may not want to hire a doula or be able to and still have the information and support a doula provides. I felt like there needed to be a community of families that connected that could support each other in postpartum

I Remember...

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"Ailish is absolutely amazing! My husband and I took her hypnobirthing course to prepare for the birth of our first baby, and I'm so glad we did! We learned SO MUCH about the birthing process, how to advocate for ourselves and baby, and have a joyful birth. Ailish added so much invaluable information to the curriculum from her own experience as a doula which sets her course apart from others. Ailish goes above and beyond to help us feel empowered and supported in this journey and it's clear that she feels passionate about the subject. I highly recommend her to all parents!!" 


Sometimes, when you have an experience that is so positively transformative, it can be hard to explain or formulate words to describe it. Taking HypnoBirthing with Ailish was one of those experiences. She is a thoughtful, insightful and incredibly educational birth instructor. She taught me about what I was capable of and what a positive experience my birth could be, during a time when I was scared of the pain of labor. I left her class completely fearless about labor and giving birth. What’s more, her class gave me the tools and education to truly have the birth experience that I wanted. I cannot thank her enough or recommend her enough.

Who is Birthing Bravely for?

*For people who want to own their birth  and do the work, so they can feel good about their choices and have a positive experience no matter where the journey takes you.

*This program is for people who know birth is a normal and natural event and want to be educated on the process so they feel confident and prepared.

*They want to know what they could encounter so that they are fully informed of their options.

*They want to know about the journey of birth and postpartum so that they feel empowered in the process.

*They want to bring their baby into the world calmly and gently so that they can labor without unnecessary interventions and medications if possible.

*They want to know how to communicate with providers and hospital staff so that they can get the best care and options if their plan goes off track. 

*They believe in their strength and want a support team around them that feels the same way so that they will lift them up instead of disempowering.


Does this Sound like how you want to feel?

Do these statements resonate 

with you? 

If so, let's schedule a 

FREE 30 min discovery 

call to see if this 

course is for you!


My Goals For You

There when you need me

You can do this course on your own time when you and your partner can do the work. Don't worry about weekly in person classes and possible exposure during these uncertain times. I have a ton of handouts and evidence based information so you can prepare and even print them for the big day. 


If you decide to upgrade to a coaching package you also get a custom Trello board with weekly plans and resources and access to [M]otherboard to make your birth preferences list with my guidance and support.

Comprehensive Education

Birth Bravely Academy is a comprehensive self paced childbirth education course that centers on the importance of less is more with birth. What helps us to have positive experiences is care providers that listen and respect you and learning how to ask the right questions. It’s knowing about your options and when to decline them as well as learning deep relaxation and breathing techniques to calm your mind and body. We talk about the importance of position and movement and of course all the stages of labor and immediate postpartum. It’s about education, mindset and being your best advocate.

Mindset Shifts

It takes 21 days to create a new habit. I encourage you to start a mindfulness practice that sticks with you long after baby is born. I want you to be calm in your birth experience so you can have a smoother labor and more supported postpartum. Learning about different relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, apps to download, books to look into, exercises to do and positions to look over (and even practice) all help you to have a more positive experience. 

Need help with mindset and releasing fears? Then my coaching add on are just what you need.

Buy Now! This introductory price won't last forever!!


I limit the sale of this course so that you can get the attention you need, the education you desire and all of your questions answered in our private group. Let's chat and see if this program is for you and if Birthing Bravely Academy the right education for your family.


gets you all this and private group to grow with.



Still Don't think you should invest in your parenthood and yourself?


What to Expect From Birthing Bravely Academy.

  • Expect to laugh, learn and feel prepared

  • Comprehensive Physiological Birth Education

  • Education on common interventions & medications

  • Handouts for reference at your birth

  • Workbook to work on mindset and take notes 

  • Learn how to incorporate breathing techniques, mindset shifts, mindfulness and self hypnosis into your lives.

  • Help with interviewing providers and learning how to. make a birth preference sheet 

  • Comfort measures to help partner feel prepared to help you.

  • Protecting the Golden Hour(s)

Coaching clients in addition to this course get:

  • Live Zoom Coaching Calls

  • Custom Trello board with weekly plan and goals

  • Access to [M]otherboard Birth plan maker and App

  • Postpartum Planner & mini course



Ailish is a wonderful instructor. So positive, so sensitive (especially for first time parents!), welcoming, and willing to go above and beyond to help us feel confident in our birth preparation.


I so much appreciated Ailish's energy and positive attitude as we learned about labor and different techniques for having the birth story we desire. I feel much more prepared, confident and calm after my experience in one of her classes. She is a beautiful soul.


What I Promise...

I promise to give you

informational and emotional

support all while building a

community with our private facebook group

members. I will support your

desires and will give you

information and a solid

plan that will help you to

attain those goals.

-Ailish Lewis- CD, CBE HBCE CPSC

Here's a sneak peek into Birthing Bravely Academy

Module 1

How to hire the right support team

Just because you've been going to the same OB for annual check ups, doesn't mean they are the best for your birth. Make sure you know how to hire the right people to support your birth vision. Learn about what the difference between Active Management and Instinctual Undisturbed birth. Learn how to interview providers and doulas to have the best team possible. Know your rights and make sure the day of your birth is surrounded in calm and full of support.

Module 2

Learn about your birth preferences.

Some of the worst providers say "don't make a plan, you'll jinx it." Such nonsense! Making a list of how you want to be treated and how you want your baby to be treated is not a jinx. It's a chance to educate yourself and explain how you want to be respected in your birth. It's a way to lay it all out so you don't have to keep explaining or defending when you should be focused on your birth. I'll help you make a clear and solid list with a template that is easy to read and understand for your birthing day.

Module 3

Learn how Mindfulness and Relaxation Help

Learn to implement a daily mindfulness practice that works for you. It's so important to give yourself the gift of relaxation. It's hard work being a parent! Having meditation and relaxation become a part of your day to day is integral to successful parenting. Give yourself a head start and explore how relaxation and meditation help to center your breath and help to relax your muscles so that you you can open and have a smoother birth and a more joyful postpartum.

Module 4

Comfort Measures and balancing exercises are integral!

Have you and your birth partner learn what is integral to feeling more satisfied in birth. Learn how to do key comfort measures to help during surges, as well as different positions that encourage engagement and position of baby in the pelvis for during labor for a smoother descent. Learn the benefits of Spinning Babies® exercises and learn what tools you will need to create a birth environment that is calm, supportive and encouraging so you can welcome your baby calmly into the world.

Module 5, 6 & 7

Learn about birth from a doulas perspective

I attend births as a virtual and in person doula and have seen the ways families can easily not be educated on their changing bodies from their providers. There's just not enough time in those quick check ins. Learn about birth in an encouraging and positive way so you go in labor knowing where the journey can possibly take you so that you can be prepared and educated on your options. I will provide handouts for you to prepare a binder just for your hospital bag and let you know the things to pack and the things to keep home. No need to bring useless things! You'll have evidence-based information about the stages of labor and the interventions that can be introduced. Learn how to use B.R.A.I.N.S to make informed collaboration with your birth team.

Are you saying to yourself...

Couldn't I just hire a doula?

Yes, you can hire me as a virtual doula and you get course, coaching and I attend your birth virtually!!! If, you want an in-person doula, I'm all for it! I can help you if you are local to CT! Either way, you still need a birth education class that teaches you about the amazing process of birth. Take the fear and uncertainty away and stop going to Dr. Google. As a doula, I never felt like there was enough time to devote all my education and coaching to all my clients that's why I came up with this program. This is a comprehensive self-paced birth education course that gives you and your partner the tools to feel empowered with or without me as your doula. 

If 1:1 coaching is more your jam and you need accountability and partner prep, let's chat. I also work with other doulas and have a trusted list when I'm not available if you're local to CT.





I get it...I was where you are now.


I wanted answers, I wanted options, I wanted my desire for a natural unmedicated birth to be supported, I wanted to feel informed and listened to. 

I've been there.


*I want to help you navigate the system that sets you up to fail.

*I want to help you get the right team.

*I want you to feel strong, empowered and prepared.


I learned how important true support was.

I learned how important your care provider is and where you give birth.

I learned how important the nursing staff is on your birthing day.

I've learned as a doula, that if you don't put in the work you don't get the results. 

I want to share what I learned with you.

You wouldn't run a marathon tomorrow having never ran before so why would you go into this with no training? Putting some thought and work in now will only help you start your parenthood off strong.

I can help guide you. 


Wanna meet me first and see if my course is the right fit?

Click below

What's My Why?

The reason I first started my own business is so that I could help pregnant and birthing people have support during their births but I quickly learned I was naive to think that what I was doing was enough. In order for my clients to have fulfilling births they needed to learn how to get respect from their providers and feel empowered and listened to. They also needed a mindset shift so that they no longer feared the process.

The reason I shifted my business into a more coaching and consultant model of care is because I kept hearing from my clients,

"I couldn't have done this without you"

As a newer doula that statement definitely boosted my ego but then it started to feel uncomfortable over time and realized I really needed to lean into why.

What I heard from students was very different. They thanked me for the education and said they had incredible births and felt excited and empowered in their birthing.

They had an empowered and joyful birth without me?

That's when it clicked! It's not about me!!!

It's about what I share with them, the prep work, the lists, plans, the real life birth stories, the positive and negative aspects of birth and postpartum and how to navigate them and how to ask for help. Making sure everyone was informed on what to do when things arise. Coaching parents to have the hard conversations with their providers not on the day of your birth but before to make sure they are really on your team can make all the difference. It was about having an overflowing tool box and helping the partners feel like they could support and comfort their partners during their child's birth. 

It's about YOU  having a positive experience. YOU feeling confident, prepared and excited about the process of becoming a parent.

If this is how you want to feel then this course is perfect for you! 

Inquire today so you don't miss out!

Invest in yourself and your baby! Don't miss out on this one a kind program!

Be brave!

This Introductory price won't last long!! 

$247  gets you so much!

Don't miss out on the education your deserve, the support you need and the calm your desire!


It's Here!!

Birthing Bravely Live Virtual Class!!

Runs for 2 weeks the first Thursday of every month!


Book Here

There's no doubt BIPOC families face more discrimination and obstetric violence due to institutional racism. I launched this course in November 2020 and for Black History Month in 2021 I decided to run a special that for every course sold, I would donate Birthing Bravely Academy to a BIPOC family in need of education and support. For years, I never knew how I could help and now I feel like I have a tangible way to help more BIPOC families learn their rights andall about their amazing bodies so I have decided to continue that promo forever. 

So for every course sold, one will be given to a BIPOC family either nominated by yourself or I will reach out to my doula community. 


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