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The Support You Deserve

The inspiration for my work as a childbirth educator, HypnoBirthing instructor and doula is that I believe that birth is a natural, normal function of the pregnant person’s body. I believe that over the years we have been taught not to trust our bodies and the innate ability womxn have to give birth naturally. I believe that with the

right mindset, complete preparation and full genuine support,

giving birth can be a joyful and a life changing experience. It's when we own our birth and take responsibility for our needs and desires, we can have full autonomy of our bodies, our births and our experience. We become our own advocates. Giving birth can bring to the surface a power that had been hidden so deep and truly is a..

     reflection of how resilient and strong we really are.


My passion is in encouraging parents to tap into their fears and bring them to the surface so that they can replace those images and thoughts with positive and evidence based information. My approach to care is very holistic, as I strongly encourage the people I work with to adjust some aspects of their lives as they prepare to give birth and begin their new role. Because I have seen the way unnecessary interventions can greatly interfere with this intuitive, normal and natural process, I have chosen to focus on working with people who are interested in making informed choices and are willing to take responsibility for themselves in preparation for and during the birth. I want to work with those who believe, or at least want to believe, in their very own power to give birth and be interested in learning more about this rite of passage.

The focus of my doula practice is shifting towards my new Pregnancy and Birth Preparation Coaching program that allows pregnant people and their partners to have access to my most essential resources, referrals, comfort measures, childbirth education and more through a comprehensive  educational relationship. This is all the things that my doula clients have received from me but with this you can have education and preparation that I couldn't do being on call all the time. You will have the confidence to do anything you set your mind to and start you parenting journey off strong.

Within 1:1 coaching, I can offer virtual support during your laboring at home to ensure you don't get to the hospital too early and if we are truly an unbelievable fit or a repeat client, I can attend your birth in person all for an additional fee.

Virtual or in-person Services: I only take on 1 in person birth client a month and 1-2 virtual so please inquire early in your pregnancy to ensure a space in my calendar.

 As your birth coach, I trust your innate ability to birth. I believe in you and I want you to believe in yourself. 

Inquire with me today so I can help you make some mindset shifts to have a better birth experience.


What I Offer


Includes Childbirth Ed Class!


I've learned that the education I set forth for my clients and the mindfulness work I have you practice is what sets my services apart. Whether it's your hospitals policy during the Covid-19 pandemic, or you don’t have access to certified birth doulas in your area or you and your partner want your birth to be intimate and limit the number of people in your birth space. My Virtual Birth Doula services can help support, encourage and guide you and your partner through this journey.  I can help educate you on your choices, your rights, and help you make a birth preference list for you to go over with your provider. Your partner and I will meet as well to go over what they can expect and how they can best support you. I will be on call and there with you via text, call, and video chat during your labor, birth and be there to help guide you in the first few weeks of your postpartum time.

BIRTH DOULA (in Person or Hybrid)

Includes Childbirth Ed Class!!!


I offer support, comfort and education so that you can make informed choices in your birth. I work with you to make a birth wish list and help you to find necessary resources and providers. Includes 24/7 access via text or call. Two prenatal visits and a postpartum visit. If any additional support is needed or you'd like me to join you at a doctors appointment there will be additional cost to cover expenses. Support is offered as soon as you hire me to 30 days postpartum.  If there is any emergency or illness on my part, I will secure a back up doula that will meet with you as well ahead of time to relieve any anxiety of that occurring.

Hybrid is great for those who have a goal of wanting to stay home as long as possible but cannot have their doula join physically at the hospital due to Covid-19. I come to your house and help you labor at home comfortably and calmly and then join you virtually at the hospital to assist your partner..
(Payment plans available)


Includes Childbirth Ed!!!

$1297  (Virtual) / $1497 (in Person)

Along with having my full birth support package, you will learn about the unique HypnoBirthing® philosophy that the body and mind work harmoniously using natural birthing instincts along with deep relaxation and affirmations in order to replace negative preconceptions or previous trauma. Families leave feeling prepared, empowered, and excited for birth. Even better your doula will be with you during your labor to reinforce and guide you with what you learned! In addition to HypnoBirthing® education, you will also learn about the importance of provider choice and how to replace negative emotions with positive ones. 

Includes 5 week series. Each class builds off the other and is 3 hours in length and includes Spinning Babies® comfort measure techniques and I will share with you what I learned from Gena Kirby® on how to use a rebozo for all aspects of pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

The cost of the childbirth courses includes your birth companion, textbook, audio affirmations, course work and phone support.

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