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A Birth Coach's Guide to a More Prepared Birth and Postpartum

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Childbirth Education with Accountability!


Birthing Bravely Academy is here!

Self-Paced Education and Partner Prep

Birth is such an unpredictable journey but we can expect some things like:


Did you know the average length of time a first time mom is in early labor is 6-12 hours it can also last over days? (This phase should be spent at home if possible)


Did you know active labor can be 2-8 hours and transition can be under an hour?


Then giving actual birth can take a few minutes to several hours! 


So what do you do in that time? How does your partner support you? What positions and comfort measures should you try? 


So much to learn and do to be prepared but time is hard to find and this pandemic isn’t helping with many classes cancelled. 


That’s why I’ve been spending every waking minute developing this amazing self paced course that goes over all this and more!!


👉🏿learn how to find the right provider or communicate better with the one you have.


👉🏾learn about your preferences for your labor, birth and baby care so you don’t have to explain yourself the day of. We go over all the options you have in your care.


👉🏽learn how to keep the good hormones flowing that actually help your labor along and make things move more smoothly with deep relaxation and breathing techniques.


👉🏼learn about different positions and comfort measures so you and your partner feel confident and prepared.


👉🏻learn all the in’s and out’s of birth from early labor to immediate postpartum so you know what to expect and know what’s normal. 

Life can get busy and pregnancy can seem to go by so quick!  Sometimes couples have opposite schedules that don't allow for in person classes. Sometimes work/life balance only leaves lunch time, nap time and bedtimes to learn more. Whether this is your first baby or 6th everyone can benefit from learning about not only how natural birth happens but also how to shift mindsets, learn how to communicate better with your providers and learn how to use relaxation and breathing techniques to have a smoother birth experience.


Birth doesn’t have to be stressful or scary. Learning about it from the perspective of someone who attends births takes away all the uncertainty! I share my favorite tips and tricks as a doula and birth coach. 


You will finish these courses feeling educated, confident and empowered to have the birth experience you desire to have. Comes with a private facebook group membership to get your questions answered as you go. 

There's nothing else out there like this! So excited to share this with you!

Need extra support? Check out my Coaching add on's!

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