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How I became a Birth Prep Coach and a Gentle Sleep Coach.


Hi! I am a Pregnancy and Birth Preparation Coach and I empower families to overcome their fears of birth by gaining knowledge and confidence during their pregnancy journey. I truly believe that

birth is a normal, natural event

and shouldn't be feared like we've been taught to believe. When it comes to why I started this business and became a Pregnancy and Birth Prep coach, there's a long history of my fascination with pregnancy and my love of babies but the real journey began when I was finally pregnant with my rainbow baby. The researcher in me got to work once I knew she was sticking around and I found out what a doula really was.

I instantly felt a deep calling to help birthing families. 

Sometimes people know their calling from a very young age, others need to discover it when it’s the right time to flourish and nurture that calling. That’s how it evolved for me. I hired a doula myself, and learned so much from her and eventually became a part of Birth Tribe where I gained an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom in a relatively short time. I certified as HypnoBirthing® instructor and Birth Doula and am trained in Spinning Babies®, Gena Kirby® Rebozo Workshop and have taken a plethora of other trainings to better serve my students and clients. I decided to pivot my business to a Birth Prep and Gentle Sleep Coaching because I felt I could reach more people and share more education even to those who may not be able to or even want a doula present at their birth. I still have a virtual doula option as well for those who do! 

In postpartum all the way into the pre-school ages, I'm able to help desperate families that need support and education teaching their children healthy sleep habits and independence. I LOVE the continuation of care I'm able to give new families with my training and expertise!


My goal is to make birth better for all people and educate people about their bodies and their rights. I couldn’t be happier and more fulfilled than that I’ve made this my life’s work.

   My goal is to give you and your family the attention and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and labor process. Whether you are a first-time parent or an experienced one that has a goal of wanting a natural birth; I can help to make you feel safe, informed, joyful, relaxed, calm, and most importantly feel BRAVE in your journey.

As a postpartum doula, I can say, next to lactation concerns in the early weeks, sleep concerns are the most common questions I get asked about all throughout the early parenting years. Parents feel at a loss, and think that sleep consultants only teach cry it out. It's not true. As your Gentle Sleep Coach, I teach you to teach your child in such gentle and loving ways, how to form better sleep habits that hopefully last a lifetime. Sleep is so personal and I support families on what works best for them. This process is child and client led and is gradual and supportive. I love seeing the transformation families have when they ALL get the sleep they need. It truly fills my cup. 

When I'm not out doing birth-y and sleepy things, I spend my days with my daughter and 2 stepsons. My husband is my rock and a constant source of love and support. I love nature and going for walks and hikes. I'm crafty and artsy and I love to create with my kids. My house is a jungle with my plant addiction. My big dreams are to have a teaching space right on my property so families and other birth workers can have a immersive experience while learning.

To learn more about me and the services that I offer, please feel free to reach out anytime. 

Thank you for looking into my website and please feel free to check out my social media to learn more about what I can add to your journey. I’d love to set up a consult to meet you and see if we are a good fit!

Contact me anytime!



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